Real Estate Business Planning

You’ll leave with a complete business plan to help you sell homes right now

Real Estate Business Planning

Are you tired of having inconsistent income and struggling to find a business plan that works for you? My business plan has allowed our team to sell thousands of homes, and I want to give you the full, complete, comprehensive business plan to bring it all together.

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Here’s what we’re going to cover in our workshop together:

You’ll write one thing to implement immediately in each category:

  1. Goals/Mindset
  2. Lead Generation & Marketing

  3. Lead Conversion & Appointments

  4. Listing & Buyer Presentations

  5. Client Management

  6. Reviews & Referrals

Make no mistake - I’m going to share everything we’re doing in our real estate business.

You’ll learn how our small team sells hundreds of homes each year and what we’re doing now to fine tune our strategy to maintain and grow our sales year over year.



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